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Sugar Mummy

Whatsapp On +278376……..Sugar Mummy Looking for Sugar Boy – 25 – 30 years in and around South Africa

Serious ben 10 only to enjoy life – and get a car and R20 000 per month with full house

My Name is Ms Lorene I am from Cape Town and I am not yet married but I need a young boy with big thing and can service well. I am ready to pay whatsoever it costs if you are circumcised.

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I am 40 years old Business lady in South Africa I can’t disclose my Location for now. I a m looking for a man who is strong and not above 30 years.

He should be from the gym direct. – Anywhere in Africa – I said anywhere

In term of power he should be ready to service me 3 times a day with 5 rounds per session. I will make you what you want,

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If you need to be my garden boy, don’t worry, if you have your job don’t worry i will make you start business.

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What i need is my satisfaction and private life

We need to share images first

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And we post you very well

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