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Hello there, my name is Amanda Ngobeni l am a single lady. I am thirty five years old. However I live in Petersburg. I run four private schools here in Petersburg and hoping to expand to other cities. Most of my time have been busy managing my schools.  Never got time for serious relationships. However l am tired of spending it alone l need a helper. More so these schools have provide so much wealth for me which l can’t even control on my own.

During this pandemic corona virus l thought maybe l will be broke but l realized that l have made much wealth even if this epidemic take years l still be rich like ever before.

Therefore as single lady  l need a serious man who want to spend this wealth with me and start a good life with. On this platform, I am looking for a man who wants a serious relationship. A man who is not shy to spend money because l will make it rain on him. I am not here for scams or games l really need someone serious and ready for marriage

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kind of man single lady want

However a young man of age that ranges from twenty four years to twenty nine years will be perfect to me. Therefore l am looking for someone who will be help me run my schools.  Definitely I need someone who wants something real and ready to spend his life with. Mores o, I want an intelligent man who is also a  good decision maker who will provide business ideas for me. Because I really want to expand my business and make more investments. Besides, I want a man who is handsome and educated too. 

Therefore l need someone who gives me his time and attention    a man who is honest and humble someone who will steal my wealth. In addition someone who is romantic and loving too. Therefore a who knows what is right and what is wrong.

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 How  can  single lady make you happy  

However l will make you rich and build a mansion of your own. And l will give you one of my schools to be yours. You deserve a flourish and luxury life which will be given to you by me. As a lady with morals l will respect you as my man. Despite your age your voice will have impact to me. I will support you financially and some of your expenses. You will have access to my possessions.

 How to contact me

We can talk further Whatsapp only if you are serious with me. Send a message now on my Whatsapp number and chat.

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