Beautiful single mom, Nolhlahla (35), Joburg- I hope you like late nights and drinks. See my pictures on SATESPACE.

South Africa Sugar Mummy

My personality

I have a personality that even your Beautiful single mom, would be happy about. It’s a shame that I ma not really going to be a wife to you, neither will I be the wife material either. For us everything will be about the late nights and partying. I got this unique personality that will leave you for days trying to figure who I really am. That’s who I am.

I am Beautiful single mom and I have a beautiful family too

My family is just as good as I am. I think my kids inherited it from me. For that, I will say their father really made a good choice in choosing over all the women that he had in his circle. I am still in marriage with my husband but the truth is that I need some side thing because I believe he got his own. To be real with you, that’s how things are working nowadays.

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I Know You Like Partying. Let’s Arrange On Satespace.

Its time you tell me exactly what you think on SATESPACE. Firstly I joined SATESPACE for this very reason. Then I will provide the button below for you to sign up on SATESPACE and talk to me. I use WhatsApp a lot so the first time I will do when you join SATESPACE is to give you my WhatsApp number. For the sake of communication, I will also buy you Wi-Fi bundles if you want them.

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The kind of guy I want as a beautiful single mom:

Humble: I really want a humble Ben 10. You can’t be my Ben 10 if you are always proud and pompous about the basic things in life. I love humility.

Tall: I am into tall dudes just like most woman. Text me now on SATESPACE if you are tall, I am expecting that from you as Beautiful single mom

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