Lorraine (33), Benoni- “I want a sweet Ben 10. Come teach me swimming lessons in my pool”

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I want swimmer. My Ben 10 better be able to swim. If you don’t know how to do it I will teach you step by step. I just think pools are more romantic because we get to be together in our best comfort. If you have ever watched movies you should really know what I mean.

Can you handle this beauty? This beauty and rich can get really hard for you to cope with. The truth is you will try to get in control of everything and things will settle to be going to fast for you. I just hope you are in a position to get a hold of yourself and chill a bit knowing that I’m yours.

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Basic education. I hope this isn’t really too much for you. I look forward to introducing to many rich folks out there who can get you jumping from one stage to another. They will need you to have gone to school at least for a few years. You don’t necessarily have to be extra intelligent.

Dark skin can’t be resisted. You got that black mamba kinda skin? Man you deserve everything I own. I just wonder why you haven’t reached out yet… Ohh wait, you haven’t heard about SATESPACE right? Well, it’s where most of us sugar moms are found. Join today: 

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You just picked yourself a diamond

I’m a rich beauty that most men would kill for. My skills are unbeatable and you will never want to lose me. You got yourself a platinum today and don’t waste it by hesitating to join SATESPACE.  I will be there waiting for you and be quick tho text me.

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50 thoughts on “Lorraine (33), Benoni- “I want a sweet Ben 10. Come teach me swimming lessons in my pool”

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  2. Am 24 years old 6.5 fit hight strong in bed with out any power drugs fun to be with romantic and has a sexy body contact me on Whatsapp Nigerians. +2349039222253

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