Cathrine (38), Welkom- “Let me give you my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE. I will be your best sugar mom, I’m rich and fancy”

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About Cathrine

I am rich and I have everything a Ben 10 if your age can ever imagine to have. By the time you get old, you will be the richest man I’m your family. I own a lot of businesses across town that cash me thousand daily. Maybe it’s the reason why I have never considered marriage, it’s because I’m secure and independent. You will be my first man and that’s just really sweet to me.

In South Africa alone, I have more than seven houses that have just been finished and all I have to do is to check in. If course I didn’t register these in my name because government will be breathing on my neck if I do that. If you could contact me fast enough we would register some in your name actually. In terms of cars and automobiles, there’s still some pending shipments of my two super cars.

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Do you like racing, I can give you the other car them I race with another. We really have to see the faster driver between us. As soon as meet we will be playing these racing games in our beautiful cars and no one will stop us. If there police tries to arrest is for breathing the low we will just throw a thousand dollars in their face. It’s finally our time to enjoy now, get ready.

For things to be easier between us, I you want to:

Be a good driver, otherwise, how wise can we race. You will have a new car and you should be able to drive it.

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Be a fun lover, Me and you have to behave like kids. We gotta have all the fun at the beach.

Let’s exchange WhatsApp numbers.

We have to talk on WhatsApp. To start when this, I will send you my number on SATESPACE. This means you have to join if you’re not there already. Use this button:

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Search for me and leave a comment, I will reply with my WhatsApp number.

Everything I said here is guaranteed if you follow what I said. The money, the traveling and the WhatsApp number. It’s all yours

No Need to worry Please WHatsapp Me +27 74 321 0925

48 thoughts on “Cathrine (38), Welkom- “Let me give you my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE. I will be your best sugar mom, I’m rich and fancy”

        1. Am jerman from Nigeria 🇳🇬 I need a sugar mummy plzzz mummy if you are hearing me add up on WhatsApp 08183825338

  1. I need suggar mom wt wealth who can tec care of mie n mai daughter aged 5yrs 6mths um staying alone struggling tu get wealth so eish i wsh i could hv one betta fr mie i wll gv u all respect n love kindly du whatsapp mie +27629056097

  2. I need prom sugar mummy who can love me and share things , I will treat her lyk new born 066085033

    All I need is love ❤️

  3. Am Louis,20 of age
    And need love out here and unlimited love to drive me out ma worries of being broke. Am cool with all term and conditions to make ma sugar mummy happy. Love ya
    My watsap number is 0549006202

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  6. This is my number-08145335881..any woman that’s wants to be my sugar mama should call me…I don’t want any agent to call me and tell me nonsense oo

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