Cute Primrose online! Are you looking for love? A rich single lady is looking for a guy to be in a serious relationship now

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Cute Primrose online! Are you looking for real love? A rich single lady is looking for a guy to be in a serious relationship now My name is Primrose but you can call me Prim. However I am 36 years old and three years ago my fiancée died three years ago in a car accident.

This totally broke me and left me lose hope in love again. Therefore I think I have mourned my fiancée and it’s high time I start looking after myself. Right now I want to be in a serious with someone but younger than me.

Therefore My company is doing good and now one of the most successful companies in the country. I have money but I’m not happy. I can say i am not enjoying my money since i am not in any relationship.

Currently intention for cute Primrose online

However Right now I’m looking for a tall handsome guy who is still in his early twenties. Who is currently working somewhere. You have to be a guy who has a goal to achieve in life and is not afraid to take any chances.

A guy who will show me off to his family and friends. I’m looking for a guy who will put a smile on my face and treat me like any woman deserves to be treated. Take care of me and be the man figure missing in my life..

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6.I will take care of your family

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