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My name is Maria and I’m 42 years old. I a Serious Single Mum who own most expensive and famous private schools in the country. I also own some boutiques and taxis all over the country. My marriage was full of pain which causes by my husband who used to emotionally abuse me and sometimes he will physically abuse me.

I got out of it and filled a divorce against him. Just when I thought of giving up on love my friend introduced me to SATESPACE. It is a new platform which connects single ladies and Serious Single Mum to genuine guys in terms of relationship. I decide to join this new platform and sign up.

what i am looking for

Am looking for a guy who is between the age of 20-25.A guy who is working and has some plans with his future. A guy who is very respectful and loyal. I also want a guy who is supportive and caring. Who will introduce me to his family and friends. Spending some quality time with me and go out to dinner on weekends just the two of us

In return I will give you anything you want all you have to do is name and it shall be yours. I will take car of your family and provide for them. Every month end we will go on vacation to any country of your choice. I will buy you a brand new car and the latest smartphone of your choice. I will love and respect you regardless of your age

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I have submitted my personal information at SATESPACE including my pictures and contact number. Sign up now using the signing button below. Send me your pictures and also your phone numbers.

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Okay, if you have created another it’s time to come and win me. If your search for me, my profile will show. Click on it, like some of Serious Single Mum pics and leave me a comment. This is the point where you immediately get my WhatsApp number. Because you care and you have shown effort.