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Rich Sugar Mama Online however i am single and still searching someone who is also single. In short i am looking for you if you are ready– Who Said rich Sugar Mama can’t give you Love – Get my WhatsApp Number Now after reading my post.

Promises from rich sugar mama if you choose me

My most expensive offer is my heart. I will live you with all of my heart and respect you. I guarantee you that if you become mine then I’ll buy you a brand new car for your daily use and a house close to mine. We will go on vacations to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Every month end I will give you my card so that you can go shopping. Every weekend we will do braai an you will invite your family and friends. If you are still in school that I will make sure that you won’t lack anything. Your school fees will be paid up until you finish school.

If possible then I will send you abroad to study there and you will come back to visit me or I’ll pay you visits. Your family will be well taken care of. I will give you access to everything that I own. I will deposit some money every week in your account for your personal use.

More bio info and my personal background

My name is Nomusa. I am a South African 30 year old lady who has just arrived in South Africa. I have been in a couple of relationships since I arrived but it seems like most of the guys were only after my money. Some of them abused me physically.

I have some cosmetic companies in Soweto and here in Pretoria I’m establishing two, one in Jo-burg and the other one in Cape town. I have money but it’s too much for me to spend alone. A friend introduced me to SATESPACE, a trending platform which connects single mums and ladies even sugar moms to genuine guys in terms of relationships.

I’m looking for a guy who is in his twenties of any race. A ta handsome guy who wi treat me and care for me
A guy who will spend some quality time with me and also understand that I’m a busy woman. A guy with no crimal records especially ones of domestic violence or physical abuse.

How to get my private WhatsApp number

Please visit SATESPACE by signing up using the link below. I have submitted my personal information including my pictures. Send me your pictures and be mine. I look forward to your reply soon as possible.

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Okay, if you have created another it’s time to come and win me. If your search for me, my profile will show. Click on it, like some of my pics and leave me a comment. This is the point where you immediately get my WhatsApp number. Because you care and you have shown effort.

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