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Singles online are always looking for active gentlemen online. However there is no time to waste here, let’s talk on SATESPACE then WHATSAPP me now. You should be a South African resident if you want me to be your soulmate.

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My  name is Lilly from Beaufort West and I am 35 years old . However i am I am a sugar mom. Therefore i have been one for quite some time meaning I got quite an experience in this.

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More interesting details about me today you might wanna know.

I am a fan of movies so you guess it right ,I spend a lot of my time on screen .You should be wondering now how I get money if I am always on the screen. Hey money works for you if you have enough of it right .Loneliness kills me sometimes ,it is just because I own the whole house to myself.

Still though, I have no one to live with except my younger sister who comes in during holidays. She has been home for a while now due to the pandemic .Sometimes I work as a consultant at another company whose name I won’t disclose for obvious reasons .My salary and total allowance will surprise you .

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A perfect guy would be younger than me obviously maybe 20 and above ,funny ,tall business minded person because I would like someone to help me expand and grow my empire .I am kind of lazy so would coach you to take over our businesses once we have a relationship going on .

We are meant for each other, let’s chat on WhatsApp. Contact me.

Don’t you worry about having all the things I mentioned above just hit my inbox and we can talk .We can share my empire and you can be part of it and even build your own once you feel you are good to go there is no pressure .I guess we can have fun together and enjoy life whilst we are still breathing .

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