Cute rich lady looking for love Meet Lovenesa (26) in Durban.

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Cute rich lady looking for love however my name is Loveness and I am twenty six years old. More so I am a foreigner who is looking for someone to have fun with. Durban is where I reside. Therefore I am studying medicine and I will finish in two years from now. As I am studying, I also have a part time job.

This is because I just can’t depend only on the money that my parents send. The part time job has helped me finance myself and my needs. Right now I have a car of my own. After-school hours are the worst for me because I will be bored. My room mates will be out with their lovers and I will be alone.

Type of a mam expected by this cute rich lady

I want a man who is wealthy. A man of any age as long as it is below forty years old. Someone who can spoil me and take me out on dates. A single man who will love me truly.

One who will treat me with respect and is willing to spend on me. I’m also looking for a guy who will give me his time and attention. A free guy who lives alone so I will spend some days at his house too. A non violent man who promotes peace and knows how to solve misunderstandings. Not to forget, I want a man who lives in Durban too.

What I can offer

My first promise is to love you and put a smile on your face always. Your problems will be mine too. Therefore I will respect you as my man. Give you my time and attention. Support you in everything you do. I promise to have your back as well. You will access everything that I own. Some expenses will be covered by me.

How to contact this cute rich lady

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