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Top single lady from Pretoria is desperately looking for a single guy to date .Nothando is my name and I stay in the south side of Pretoria. I am self employ and I earn enough money for my needs.

They say life begins at forty. I agree with that because I am now enjoying life, I made money that I even get paid at home, not to brag but the chances of me going broke are slim.

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I am looking for a handsome young man I can love. Someone I can enjoy my money with. One who is up for fun and not a serious relationship. I just want someone to keep me company when am bored. Although am looking for fun, I would want you to sleepover to my house sometimes.

In addition, I want a young man who is tall, tall guys are the best. I don’t mind if you work, I just need love. If you don’t work, I will cover our expenses. A man who finds time for me, I like going out a lot.

Appearance for this top single lady

My mates say I am beautiful. Even though I am forty, I look 10 years younger. This is because I buy anti-ageing lotions and I even look like a youth. I am thick and medium in height. I like putting on loose dresses, I look better in those.

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Before i can give you my whatsapp number you can also visit the CONTACT US page of this site so that you can have access to my photos as well as my home address.

We can talk further on whatsapp and I will send more pictures of mine. I can also give you my address if you wanna meet first. Just send me a message right now and I will respond. My whatsapp number is +27 61 792 1665