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Single lady online looking for a serious man to date probably a South African national. My name is Claire and I live in Polokwane South Africa. However I am twenty six years of age and yes am still single and searching. My main focus was on school but now I am done with my studies. Therefore marriage was not a rush for me since, I didn’t want a baby whilst still schooling.

Now I am reflecting more to my love and financial life. It’s now the right time for me to get married and start working too. A job I got it, now I want a man to stay with. I am making my own money and buying my own staff with my salary, do your money doesn’t count.

However I want a man whose age ranges from twenty eight to thirty- three years old. A man who is willing to wed with me this year if possible since I am already behind time. Because of the rush, we will divide the wedding expenses. This is also because maybe you had not budgeted for a wedding this year. Apart from the above, I don’t mind what amount of money you are earning. All I want is for you to contribute something in the house.

The type of man this single lady online wants

A well presented man whom I can even be proud to walk with in public because of his smartness. Alcohol I can tolerate but not too much of it. As long as you won’t be violent after drinking then it’s fine. Someone who is God fearing and loyal will be perfect for me.

I want a man I can start a family with, one who does not have any kids outside. Someone who will respect me as a wife not because of my education level. A hardworking man who contributes something to the table will make me proud. One who is willing to settle for me.

My promises

Full support on what you do and respect you ought to have as my man. I promise to always love and care for you and your family. If you dont earn much I will cover some expenses in the house. Perform all my wife duties, you will not regret making me your wife. I will not shout or raise my voice when talking to you.

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My whatsapp number is on SATESPACE. This is a new dating site which connects single ladies to serious men. You can get my whatsapp number from me direct when you click the link below. I am waiting for your message, be the first one.

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