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Rich Single Lady searching for a man now to date any place in South Africa. Hello there, my name is Sabina and I’m from Mpumalanga South Africa. However I am a single lady searching for a guy who can love me and make me feel special. Its been long since I last got into a relationship. Therefore l really miss the taste of sweeter love .Someone who is not afraid to take charge and even get married.

 I am to try and get you for myself. Anywhere I hope you don’t break my heart by choosing someone else. However I will give you my WhatsApp number instantly if you choose me and start a conversation with me.

More so I hope we will remind each other of this day all the days of our lives together. Honestly, I don’t wanna lose you to someone else and I would do anything to win you.

What this rich single lady want

However I want a tall young man good looks and nice hair cuts. I don’t like guys with dreadlocks and piercings. In other words I want a guy who knows how to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

You should be liking to explore more about the world and enjoy its nature to all parts of the world, play video games and also watch movies. More over l want you to make me feel young again and cover up what I have been missing when I wasn’t in a relationship

Therefore I don’t care about your educational level, but family background matters to me since am from a rich family also language, religion , skin color .You should be willing to be loyal, understanding and faithful to me because am one of those ladies who is submissive to the man who they will be in love with .

My offer

Be my partner ,fiance .father of our children , my day one and let’s enjoy life to it’s fullest. Love is the first and last thing I’ll give you .Money and cars will surely add up to our love .

Your are just a few buttons away from becoming a millionaire. I’m willing to make you the richest one in your family and nothing is going to stop that. With me, you will have won yourself a humble millionaire who doesn’t like to be known by many people.

Get my whatsapp number and chat with me as soon as possible. Here it is +27 84 607 3258

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If you want my home address simply visit the CONTACT US page of this site and get it. Feel free to come if you have some interest. thank you for your concern.