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A sugar mum in Cape town is on this site looking for a man to date around SA. Get my number and whatsapp me if you are serious. My name is Stephanie and I am a sugar mum.

However I been in marriage before but then later divorced. Therefore as you see this post on this page, it means i haven’t found someone yet. I am a new member who just joined SATESPACE and I have some testimonies about it.

I try some other dating sites and other social media platforms but to know avail. But when i hear about SATESPACE i understand that my search will be over. Therefore i am expecting to get someone to date with.

General Information for this sugar mum

I am thirty six years old sugar mum and I stay in Capetown. Yes I don’t have any child yet because my previous relationship was a complicated one. Capetown is where I work also and I stay alone. Furthermore I am on this platform looking for a guy to have fun with. Am not ready to be in a serious relationship yet.

Unless the guy will promise to be a genuine guy that is where i can decide again on marriage issues. For now i am not yet ready on that. Only expecting pleasure with the guy who may choose me.

A sugar mum general appearance

I am slightly tall and I got a moderate body that is fair. Considerably, my height and my body match perfectly. On top of that I have nice curves that makes my body more adorable. Most men could want me but I chose this platform. Just get my whatsapp number on SATESPACE and I could be all yours.

Before you could take my number you need to be a genuine guy. In addition to this you must be of sober senses as well as a smart guy. Only this you will be closer for winning my heart.

What I am looking for

Relating to the above mentioned, I want a man from Capetown because that’s where I live and stay. This is also because I can’t stand distance relationships when it’s for fun.

Although it’s dating for fun, I want a fun, loving and caring man. One who is not stingy because I like shopping. Most of all a single man to avoid misunderstandings.

How to get in touch with me

Communication is the only way we can be together. However I have dropped all of my details on SATESPACE. All you have to do is sign up and look for me. After you sign up, get my number and send me a message. Do it now and be the lucky one. Use the following button to sign up and get my whatsapp number.

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After taking my number say hie and immediately i will respond you. Thank you so much for coming into SATESPACE.

In case you fail to connect with me just notify the admin of this site so that he can give you my home address and if you have some interests to visit me you can do so. You can contact the admin on the CONTACT US page of this site.